Aug. 7th, 2012

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This is a reminder post that today is the last day to post your submissions for the Nordic Romance Fest! Posting access will close at 3 AM EST on August 8th so please make sure you get them in on time! The posting guidelines are here if you’ve missed them.

I’ve posted all the submissions so far that came through our fest e-mail so if you don’t see yours up, it means I didn’t receive it so please send them again! Our fest e-mail is nordicromancefest[@]gmail[.]com.

I can’t wait to see see all of your work! The submissions I'm seeing so far are looking fabulous!
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Title: Karneval
Author/Artist: sora-smiles@tumblr
Assigned prompt: (NorFin, Finland/Norway, Carnival)
Rating: T(?)
Extra notes: Circus Elements, Suggestive Pose.
Summary: Norway and Finland dressed up for Carnival.

Karneval )
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Title: It's A Date
Author: xxGreySkiesxx
Assigned prompt: DenFin- Passion
Other characters and pairings: Prussia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: High school AU- Mathias goes to a house party and has a fun time with Tino.

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Title: Wherever I am
Author/Artist: bigsis2mac on deviantart
Assigned prompt: DenFin: Letter
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: T
Extra notes: Contains character death
Summary: Mathias (Denmark) deals with the death of Tino (Finland)

Wherever I am )
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Title: Valentine's Day
Author/Artist: Crystal_lady
Assigned prompt: FinIce- Holiday [Optional: Music]
Other characters and pairings: Past SuFin, Mr. Puffin, mention of other Nordics, Sealand, Latvia, and Estonia
Extra notes: Differences in the way the Nordic countries celebrate Valentine's Day; Iceland=Einar
Summary: Sometimes the differences in the way countries celebrate a holiday can lead to confusion, sometimes it can lead to something better. 

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