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Title: --
Author/Artist: bice
Assigned prompt: SuNor- Letter
Rating: G
Summary: Sweden receives a letter from Norway while traveling, and expects rather more of a warm welcome than what he actually receives upon his return.

Date: 2012-08-02 04:01 am (UTC)
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I adore any historical fanart so this is wonderfully delightful. Sweden looks dashing as if he was expecting that warm welcome upon returning. And Norway with his legs looks fabulous. :)

Date: 2012-08-02 04:11 am (UTC)
yuuago: (SweNor - Get lucky)
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What Sweden reads:
I wish you a safe return.

What he thinks will happen when he gets home:

( 回言回) Norway, I am home now, and I am looking so handsome.
(廿_廿†)೨ Ooh, mister Sweden, oooh -
(廿_廿†)೨ Let's do it.
( 回言回) Yes. And I will leave my glasses on.
( 回言回) [GAZE] (廿_廿†)೨

... What actually happens:

"Came back, have ya'," Norway had said upon seeing him, looking up from the book he had been reading and tilting his head, giving him a look that said quite plainly that he would not have been one bit bothered if Sweden had stayed away for another month or, in fact, for ever.

At that, Sweden could do little but mutter an affirmative and drop his gaze as he slipped off the layers of his outer clothing. The expression on Norway's face, what little there was of it, had not at all been what he had hoped for.

He did not expect Norway to rise and go to him - though he had hoped for it - nor did he expect Norway to take one of his hands in his own. Then Norway looked up at him and touched his face, a light, curious expression in his eyes which shot right through him and tied his tongue. Before Sweden could un-knot it, Norway nodded and drew away, returning to the fireside, and to his book.

"You're right froze if I ever did see. Would get some vittles in ya' 'n go to bed if I was you."

Sweden thought of giving him a word for it, but his tongue had not yet deigned to untie itself, and Norway's advice, curt though it was, was not without merit. It was late, and he was cold, and he was tired, and the reality of Norway's greeting had completely failed to measure up to what Sweden had expected.

He left the room silently, and left Norway to his reading.

... Anyway. You know I think your art is lovely. Them details, hngh. (And Norway's grumpy look is perfect.)
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