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Aug. 6th, 2012 07:31 pm
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Title: Paint stained pages
Author: ravn90
Assigned promptDenSu- Novel [Optional: Painting]
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: PG-13,
Summary: It's hard to get Denmark to be quiet, but at least his new hobby makes it slightly easier for Sweden to read his book

It all started with a book.

Sweden liked books. His study and room was filled with them. They varied in thickness, language, age and content – but there where plenty of them all.
He could easily sit still for hour upon hours, reading till his eyes could no longer focus on the words and he had to put the book down and sleep.

Denmark joked it was all that reading that made his eyesight so bad (although they both knew that was far from the truth).
Sometimes Sweden fell asleep on the sofa with the book on his chest and glasses still on his face.
Many a times Denmark would simply kick him off the sofa to wake him and tell him to go to bed.
Yet there was just as many times that Denmark would remove the book and glasses and spread a blanket over the sleeping Swede.

Sweden would awake sometime in the middle of the night and smile a little to himself at the gesture.

However, Denmark wasn't patient enough to stay silent or still enough around him when he was reading. Constantly interrupting him with useless chatter or questions.

Eventually Sweden snapped and threw the other man some pencils and paper.

Keep you busy,” he reasoned before he want back to his new novel.

Denmark had stared at the pencils for a while before quietly starting to draw.
Sweden didn't question what he drew – he was just happy to have some peace and quiet.

The plan seemed a great success and soon Sweden found that whenever he piced up a book to read, Denmark would get his art supplies and sit quietly and paint or draw for as long as Sweden was reading.
It worked nicely.

Sweden got his peace and quiet and Denmark seemed quite content just sitting there painting.

Eventually; curiosity got the better of him and he had to ask.
“What are you painting?” he inquired, placing his bookmark at the last page he read and closing the book.

Nothing,” Denmark replied quickly, eyes glued to the canvas.

This “Nothing” sure has your undivided attention then,” Sweden grumbled, getting up from his position on the sofa slowly.

“Don't move,” Denmark hissed, leaning a little out from the canvas and glaring at Sweden.
“Why not?” he challenged, sitting up a little more.

You're ruining my picture,” Denmark hissed back.

Sweden stared at him completely dumbfounded. Before Denmark could make another protest he got up from the couch and walked over to look at the picture.

Denmark tried his best to cover it with his body.
“Give it up” Sweden growled as he pulled at Denmark's arms; for the fear of ruining the still wet paint on the canvas he gave up the fight quickly.

Surprised and a little flattered, Sweden stood there and admired the painting. Denmark had never been much for drawing, but he certainly seemed to have a knack for painting (How that worked Sweden didn't know). However, the biggest surprise to him was that Denmark had painted him.

Why'd you use me as a model?” he questioned, momentarily tearing his eyes away from the portrait of himself to look at Denmark,

You stay still for long periods of time...” Denmark explained with a shrug, scratching the back of his head with paint strained fingers as he tried to smile up at Sweden

Truthfully, there wasn't a single reply Sweden could think of there and then, so he settled for nodding in understatement and staring at the picture instead.

“So..mind sitting down again. I want to finish this,” Denmark shooed him away from the canvas and back to the couch.

A little perplexed and confused Sweden did as he was told, but even if he tried to read the words on the white pages he couldn't comprehend what was being told. All he could think off was how Denmark's eyes where on him. With half lidded eyes he tried to look over to him, but whenever he caught the intensity and concentration present in his eyes, Sweden felt himself almost blush.

“You warm or something?” Denmark mumbled form behind the canvas, momentarily leaning out from the picture to look at Sweden.


“Then why is your face a little red?” Denmark teased with a smirk.

Sweden grumbled something incomprehensible and buries himself in his book, trying hard to appear relaxed and calm.

It felt like hours before Denmark put the paintbrush down and sighed in contentment.
Taking his chance, Sweden got up quickly so he could have a look at the finished work.

“Wow,” he whispered to himself as he studied the fine details.
“You like it?” Denmark beamed up at him, looking immensely proud and happy over the painting

Sweden nodded.

“You make a good model,” he continued, gently cleaning some blue pain off the paintbrush as he spoke.

I do?”

Yeah, we should do it again,” Denmark grinned, a few pain splatters on his face made it look like his freckles where multicoloured.

“Suppose that's all right...”


“What? No!” Sweden frowned and slapped Denmark's head hard with the back of his hand.

I joke I joke” Denmark laughed heartily, a large smile still present as he winked at Sweden.
“You could be the new 'David'”

“Haha, very funny,” Sweden dead-panned before leaning over his shoulders “but you've got some talent, I'll give you that..” he admitted.

Thanks,” Denmark sighed, smiling at the picture and then at Sweden.

Sweden didn't really mind. And next time he sat down with a book he barely registered Denmark's watchful eyes until he placed the book down and caught the other man's eyes staring at him.

It felt odd to be looked at with such intensity, but Sweden would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy it.

Usually he was the one who stared too intensely at others in desire. But now he was the object of desire.
He decided he could easily get used to this.

Besides, it kept Denmark silent as an extra bonus so everything worked out perfectly.


A.N: No way as romantic as I wanted it to be.


I am so sorry.


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