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Title: It's A Date
Author: xxGreySkiesxx
Assigned prompt: DenFin- Passion
Other characters and pairings: Prussia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: High school AU- Mathias goes to a house party and has a fun time with Tino.

This is the third DenFin story I came up with for this prompt, but I'm still not pleased with it :P I think I used passion differently than it was intended, but I honestly could not think of anything that worked well. 

The blinding colorful lights hit his face, and Mathias squinted as he closed the door to the house behind him. Music pounded through the walls, reverberating in the warm air from all the body heat being generated. There were teenagers everywhere- dancing, drinking, eating, flirting- doing what you would normally expect at a high school house party.

“Hey, Mathias! Way to make it just in time to be half an hour late.” A silver-haired boy elbowed him in the chest.

Laughing, he shoved his friend off. “Sorry about that Gilbert. Couldn’t find a good time to sneak past my parents.” He gratefully took a swig of punch that was handed to him. “I was trying to coordinate a carpool with Lukas, but he was having problems with his brother. I tried to let him bring the kid, but he doesn’t want anything to happen to him.”

“That guy’s such a tightass.” snorted Gilbert, sending a quick text on his flip phone. “Anyways, glad you could come.” He clasped a hand on his friends shoulder, pulling him towards him so he could give him a message without having to shout over the clamor coming from the speakers behind the duo. “Plus, I have a feeling that tonight’s gonna be the night.”

The teen smirked at the other who had a questioning look and confusedly asked, “The night?”

“Yeah, you know, when good stuff happens. Like, relationship good stuff.” he continued, winking suggestively as it dawned on the blonde’s excited face.

Mathias’ suddenly began turning his head to peer through the crowd in search of something. He stood on his tiptoes to glance behind Gilbert. “Is he here yet?”

Amused, the albino snickered at his friend’s antics. “Yeah yeah, your little boy-crush is running around somewhere in this establishment. Have fun finding him in this giant mass of people. It’s like a freaking nightclub.”

The blonde waved it off. “Pshh, I’ll be fine. Catch you later.” The two grinned at each other, an unspoken ‘good luck’ passing between them as they fist bumped. Gilbert turned around and made to exit through a Christmas light-lined doorway, recklessly shoving the partygoers blocking the doorway out of his way.

As his friend departed, he set out on his own endeavor. He decided to start his search for his other friend in the dining room, where platters of party trays and junk food were scattered across the table. After throwing away his empty drink, he grabbed a few chips and munched on them as he scanned the crowd for a sunny blonde head of hair.

“Nope, nope, nope”, he muttered as his eyes passed over people dancing to the music coming from a set of giant, black speakers against the east wall of the room.

“I think I’m going to step outside for a while, I’ll find you guys later.” chimed a happy voice coming from the kitchen. He watched as a blonde someone walked down the hall, obscured by other people passing in and out of it. Mathias quickly followed, diving into the hallway. He made it through to the end, reaching out and grasping the blue t-shirt of the other.

“Yes?” they asked hesitantly, looking back to the person clutching their shirt. Recognizing him, he perked up. “Oh, Mathias! It’s nice to see you here!”

Releasing his hold, he stuffed his hands in his pocket. Grinning at his friend, he greeted, “Hey Tino! I just got here. Alfred’s gone all out this time, so I just thought that I’d spice up the atmosphere with my presence.” He winked at the shorter one, who nodded with a lively smile.

“You are a pretty fun guy at parties. Oh, but I’d be careful around the punch if I were you.” He leaned in to whisper, “I think I saw Gilbert put something in it.”

He moaned, then facepalmed as he recalled that it was that very person who gave him his drink. “Too late.”

Tino laughed, and then took Mathias’ hand. “Well, I was going outside for some fresh air anyways- do you want to stay with me for a while? I can keep an eye on you so you don’t do anything weird.”

He jolted slightly at the contact, but maintained the grasp. “That’s a good idea.” His cheeks reddened a little as the smaller boy led him to the back patio. It was from the punch. Yes. That’s definitely what it was.

Humming as he slid open the sliding glass door, the violet-eyed male brought the pair out into the crisp air under the awning, a gentle breeze blowing through the serene setting. As Tino released the hold, Mathias stepped up to the handrails at the edge of the second-story patio. The taller boy gazed up at the stars as his friend joined him.

“I wish I knew what the constellations were called.” he somewhat lamented, regretting all of those times during sleepovers between himself and Lukas when the nonchalant male would pore over stargazing books as he attempted to coerce his best friend into playing video games.

“I just like to stare at the sky, it seems so magical.” he shared, sighing as he rested his chin on his hands that were propped up on the black railing. “That skill would probably come in handy one day, though.”

“There’s a meteor shower coming up next week.” Getting an idea, Mathias grinned widely and turned to face Tino eagerly. “Do you want to see it with me? I heard it makes for a pretty amazing night.”

His eyes lighting up, he quickly replied, “Yeah! That’s a great idea. Maybe we can make it a picnic date!” Realizing what he said afterwards, he stuttered out, “I-I mean, uh-“

“Yeah, it’s a date!” exclaimed Mathias, fist pumping. He laughed at the blushing shorter male, slinging an arm across his shoulders. “That was easy- I was going to invite you out somewhere, but nowhere that I could think of seemed fun enough.”

Tino reached for his hand again, giggling. “Well, I’m up for anything.” They both stood there quietly, taking in the scene.

“This means we’re dating, right?” asked the taller one.

“I think so.”

“So you’re my boyfriend?”

“I think so. I’d definitely be happy about that.” Tino leaned his head against his shoulder.

Mathias was about to say something, when a certain loudmouthed German popped his head out of a window from above them. “Did you make your move yet, hot shot?” He held a disposable cup in his hand, the red liquid sloshing around inside.

He peered over to Tino, just acknowledging him. “Oh, how did he do it? Did he get down on one knee, or serenade you like in one of those cheesy romance movie, or-“

“Does Ludwig know how drunk you are?” Mathias was grinning, arms folded and leaning his back against the railing.

Taking a gulp from his cup, he continued, “Oh, I guess you found out about the alcohol.” He tossed the now empty cup behind him. “Nah, he’s busy with some sort of school project, so he stayed home. What a tool!” He pulled out something black from his pocket.

A tiny rectangle with an oval bottom dropped down from the third story into Mathias’ outstretched hands. It was an iPod with a small speaker attachment at the bottom. “You kids have fun; don’t get into any trouble.” With a final smirk, the silver haired teen shut the window.

“What does that mean?” queried Tino curiously, looking over to Mathias who was scrolling through the songs on the iPod.

“It means that we’re going to slow dance. “ He continued to peruse the selections.

“Uh…but, I can’t dance.” apologetically admitted Tino.

“It’s no problem. You’ve got a partner with plenty of experience!” He gave him reassuring thumbs up.

Surprised, Tino put on an interested face. “Really? You’re a dancer?”

“Well, when I was younger, my parents had me enrolled in ballroom dancing classes. I always thought dancing was a really fun activity, so I was pretty passionate about it. I have some medals hanging in my room. “

“Awww, that’s really cute!” comment the smaller one, joining his new boyfriend. Mathias finally pushed a song title, and then grasped his hands. Staring into his eyes with a confident smile, he led Tino to the open floor.

The smooth music began playing, and the two held their hands outstretched before themselves. “Alright, when my right foot goes back, your left foot goes forward, and vice versa. I’ll lead, so you just have to follow me.”

“That sounds easy enough!” the violet eyed boy complied. The tall one stepped in time with the music, and the pair wove back and forth. Tino picked up on the rhythm pretty quickly, and soon he felt comfortable enough to look up from the floor.

“You’re pretty good.” commented Mathias. “Maybe I’ll teach you more sometime.”

“Thank you, this is actually fun. I thought I’d be clumsier.” They spun in circles, laughing every time one of them would trip up.

“Ah, young love.” sighed Gilbert, watching from the window. He checked the time on his wristwatch. “Time to re-spike the punch.”


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