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Title: Crush
Author/Artist: gelaecter
Assigned prompt: Den/Ice - Crush
Other characters and pairings: Denmark/Sweden, Norway
Rating: PG
Extra notes: Human AU - Mathias=Denmark, Lukas=Norway, Kristjan=Iceland. Also, warning for mentions of homophobia
Summary: In which everyone grows up and has lots of feelings

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Title: The Nightmare Room
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] fh14
Assigned prompt: DenSu- Nightmare
Other characters and pairings: Norway, Iceland, Russia, Belarus. Mentions of Finland and Belarus/Russia.
Rating: Hard T
Extra notes: Human AU. Mikkel = Denmark, Berwald = Sweden, Emil = Iceland, Lukas = Norway, Tino = Finland, Natalia = Belarus, Ivan = Russia. Slopping Makeouts and Grinding.
Summary: Mikkel and his friends go visit the local haunted house, but Mikkel finds something lurking in the halls he doesn't expect. Halloween fic.

((Mod note: Couldn't get access to the fest e-mail so this is being posted after the deadline. Sorry about that!))
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Title: Secrets of an Icelandic Teenager
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] icelilly
Assigned prompt: SuIce- Confessions [Optional: Crush]
Other characters and pairings: The rest of the Nordics make an appearance
Rating: T
Extra notes: Human AU. Emil = Iceland, Berwald = Sweden, Lukas = Norway, Mathias = Denmark, Tino = Finland. A pretty tame fic but I can't help but feel like Iceland is OOC. There is a brief mention of masturbation but it's not enough to put the M rating on it.
Summary: Emil has kept back a lot of feelings towards his Swedish friend. Truth is, Berwald already knew.

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Title: Wherever I am
Author/Artist: bigsis2mac on deviantart
Assigned prompt: DenFin: Letter
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: T
Extra notes: Contains character death
Summary: Mathias (Denmark) deals with the death of Tino (Finland)

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Title: It's A Date
Author: xxGreySkiesxx
Assigned prompt: DenFin- Passion
Other characters and pairings: Prussia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: High school AU- Mathias goes to a house party and has a fun time with Tino.

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[Fic] DenSu

Aug. 6th, 2012 07:31 pm
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Title: Paint stained pages
Author: ravn90
Assigned promptDenSu- Novel [Optional: Painting]
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: PG-13,
Summary: It's hard to get Denmark to be quiet, but at least his new hobby makes it slightly easier for Sweden to read his book

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Title: Black Earth, Blue Sky
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] yuuago/Rukkilill
Assigned prompt: Norway/Denmark - Spring
Rating: 18+
Extra notes: Contains outdoor nonpenetrative sex and whatnot. ~4300 words.
Summary: Denmark likes the way it feels to get his hands dirty, and Norway likes seeing him working in the garden more than he would outright admit.

Many thanks to Noyades and Anonymous for all the encouragement! As always, I appreciate all discussion.

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Title: Beach
Author/Artist: kaerleikr
Assigned prompt: DenNor Beach(optional: nightmare)
Rating: PG?
Summary: Denmark and Nyo!Norway at the beach.

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Title: Shall we dance?
Author/Artist: Shadowlyss / albinonarwhale.tumblr.com
Assigned prompt: DenFin - Dance
Other characters and pairings: none
Rating: G
Extra notes: none
Summary: Finland and Denmark just having a little fun!!

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Aug. 1st, 2012 11:38 pm
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Title: --
Author/Artist: bice
Assigned prompt: DenNor- Rain
Rating: G
Summary: Standing on a balcony in the rain.
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Title: You're Beautiful, I Want You to Walk
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kainoliero
Assigned prompt DenIce- Telephone [Optional: Fire]
Other characters and pairings: IDK does a little bit of David Bowie count?
Rating: G
Summary: I suppose it could be called a lucky misunderstanding, or perhaps miracles are closer to what needs to happen before Iceland gets all mushy at Denmark.

You're Beautiful, I Want You to Walk )
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