Jun. 17th, 2012

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Welcome to the Nordic Romance Fest!

What is Nordic Romance Fest?

The event is to encourage the creation of fanwork focusing on Nordic/Nordic pairings; including some of the lesser known ones. The goal is also to encourage participants to get creative and try something new through a simple and flexible prompt system! Just about anything goes for this event!

In this event, each person is given a short list with four prompts on it. Participants will choose two out of the four prompts and produce either two pieces of art or two fanfics with a minimum of 500 words.


- This event is open to both artists and writers!
- Signing up is required in order to participate! However submissions can be made anonymously.
- All ratings are welcomed!
- Participants will receive a list with four pairings and four prompts; you must choose at least two to create fanwork for but you can do more if you want!

- Requirements for fanfiction: minimum of 500 words
- Requirements for art: 2 coloured or B&W pictures

How it Works

- Go to the Sign-up post to provide your name and other details.
- Prompt lists will be sent by email. Please refer to the timeline below for more information.
- You have until the deadline to produce your fanwork and post it to the community!


Sign-ups open: June 17th
Last day to sign up: June 30th
All prompts sent by: July 1st/2nd (Date will depend if I can get them out before the Canada Day celebrations)
Posting access opens: July 17th
Last day to post: July 31st August 7th

About the Prompts

- Pairings are strictly Nordic/Nordic only so you will not see pairings like EstFin or NedDen in this event.
- Other characters and pairings are allowed to appear in the fanwork produced but the focus must be on the assigned pairings.
- Each prompt list will be composed of four very short or one word prompts which can be interpreted as narrowly or as broadly as you like as well as four pairings. All prompts will be chosen at random.
- Everyone is also given four optional prompts that you may add into your piece. You cannot substitute your optional prompts with your compulsory ones.

Here is an example of what a prompt list might look like:

1. NorIce - Beach [Optional: Picnic]
2. SuNor - Photo Album [Optional: Coffee]
3. FinIce- Holiday [Optional: Dance]
4. DenSu- Karaoke [Optional: Summer]

If a person were to receive this list, they may decide to go with prompts 1 and 4 and write two fics or draw two arts - Fic/Image 1 would be about Norway and Iceland having a romantic day at the beach (possibly with a picnic in the mix if the optional prompt was included) while fic/image 2 would feature Denmark and Sweden singing a love song to each other through karaoke. Or the person could combine both prompts for one fic/image and have the two couples doing a double date by going to the beach and doing a night filled with karaoke.

The Fanworks

- You must choose at least two prompts and then produce either two fanfics at least 500 words long or two pieces of art. You also have the option of combining both your prompts for one piece of art or a 1000 minimum word fic.
- Works can be as simple or as long and complicated as you want as long as they fit the minimum requirement!
- All ratings for fanwork are permitted!

Please see the FAQ post for further details or questions and the Signup post to sign up! The last day to sign up is June 30th. We're happy to have you join us!
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Welcome to the signup post! If you haven't read the introduction post yet, please give that a look first before signing up!

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