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Title: The Nightmare Room
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] fh14
Assigned prompt: DenSu- Nightmare
Other characters and pairings: Norway, Iceland, Russia, Belarus. Mentions of Finland and Belarus/Russia.
Rating: Hard T
Extra notes: Human AU. Mikkel = Denmark, Berwald = Sweden, Emil = Iceland, Lukas = Norway, Tino = Finland, Natalia = Belarus, Ivan = Russia. Slopping Makeouts and Grinding.
Summary: Mikkel and his friends go visit the local haunted house, but Mikkel finds something lurking in the halls he doesn't expect. Halloween fic.

((Mod note: Couldn't get access to the fest e-mail so this is being posted after the deadline. Sorry about that!))
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Title: Secrets of an Icelandic Teenager
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] icelilly
Assigned prompt: SuIce- Confessions [Optional: Crush]
Other characters and pairings: The rest of the Nordics make an appearance
Rating: T
Extra notes: Human AU. Emil = Iceland, Berwald = Sweden, Lukas = Norway, Mathias = Denmark, Tino = Finland. A pretty tame fic but I can't help but feel like Iceland is OOC. There is a brief mention of masturbation but it's not enough to put the M rating on it.
Summary: Emil has kept back a lot of feelings towards his Swedish friend. Truth is, Berwald already knew.

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Title: Wherever I am
Author/Artist: bigsis2mac on deviantart
Assigned prompt: DenFin: Letter
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: T
Extra notes: Contains character death
Summary: Mathias (Denmark) deals with the death of Tino (Finland)

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Title: It's A Date
Author: xxGreySkiesxx
Assigned prompt: DenFin- Passion
Other characters and pairings: Prussia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: High school AU- Mathias goes to a house party and has a fun time with Tino.

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Title: Karneval
Author/Artist: sora-smiles@tumblr
Assigned prompt: (NorFin, Finland/Norway, Carnival)
Rating: T(?)
Extra notes: Circus Elements, Suggestive Pose.
Summary: Norway and Finland dressed up for Carnival.

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Title: Christmas letter
Author/Artist: Chopinetto
Assigned prompt: NorFin: Letter (winter)
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Norway gives Iceland's Christmas list to Finland. That's all.

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Title: Shall we dance?
Author/Artist: Shadowlyss / albinonarwhale.tumblr.com
Assigned prompt: DenFin - Dance
Other characters and pairings: none
Rating: G
Extra notes: none
Summary: Finland and Denmark just having a little fun!!

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Title: Metal circles
Author: ravn90
Assigned prompt: NorFin - Revenge [Optional: Dance]
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: PG-13, hints to something more graphic
Summary: There's nothing better than a going to a concert with your best friend.

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Title: Hiding
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kainoliero
Assigned prompt: NorFin- Shower [Optional: Winter]
Other characters and pairings: N/A
Rating: PG-13, naked frolicking, you know how it is.
Extra notes: Finland indeed has spas with sauna areas where swimsuits are either forbidden or advised against for hygiene reasons. These areas are usually separated by gender, but I have been to a mixed gender one once! :D
Summary: Sometimes Norway just needs a break from the rest of the group.

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Title:Aldrig/Ei koskaan
Author:[livejournal.com profile] coeurgryffondor
Prompt:Sweden (Berwald)/Finland (Timo), fire, ghosts
Other characters:Norway (Lukas), Denmark (Christen)
Rating:M (for suicidal characters, abuse, cross-dressing, non-fluffy SuFin)
Extra notes:For a frame of reference this is set towards the very end of the Kalmar Union. That comes up at some point but just so you can picture it from the start, there you go.

The title is (to the best of my knowledge) the Swedish/Finnish words for ┬╗never┬╗ and beneath it is my favorite Swedish proverb which appears later in the text. You'll probably know it when you see it. Thanks to wifeofbath for the beta.
Summary:Never leave me.
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